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Speed FTTN

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I was conected to FTTN in glenmore park nsw 2745 this morning, i was told when i signed up i would get speeds of between 50 to 90 mbps i get around 45 mbps is this normal. yes i signed up for the top speed plan. i was told it would be slower at peak time.


Hi @rigby75,


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I've located your account using your Community details and can see that we provide you with a Fibre to the node (FTTN) network.


One main factor that can cause the connection speed of TPG’s NBN service to vary considerably can be the NBN’s choice of technology in your area.


We do not have control over the speed your modem is getting as it is governed by the distance from the exchange and line quality since the technology that is used for Fibre to the Node is VDSL type.


Our technical team will do our best to help improve the speed but your cable distance of 980 meters will hinder us from providing you anything greater than 51 Mbps.


We do have a NBN50 plan in offer currently with 46.0Mbps Standard Plus Typical evening speed, plan change is free. 


You may check this link on how to change your plan via My Account -


I can also have one of our Account Specialists reach you to discuss the change of your plan. Let us know your best contact time and number via PM and I'll arrange this for you.



Level 3
Thanks for the fast reply.
I will get online and change it tomorrow.

You're welcome @rigby75


Let us know should you need further assistance. 




Thanks for sending us your details @rigby75,


We will arrange a call from one of our Account Specialists to assist you changing your plan.


We'd like to know if you have any preferred time tomorrow.




Hi @rigby75


I can see that one of our Account Specialists has been in touch and has process a change of your plan. 


Should you need further assistance, please let us know.