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Speeds capped at 28000kbps

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Since signing up with TPG in the last couple of days, from the beginning the Max line rate reads between 40000-44000kbps, the same range as my previous NBN provider. However the current line rate listed in the status menu on the router reads exactly 28000kbps, and the upload shows 11200kbps exactly. They never change, which they most certainly should never be an exact number 100% of the time. Seemingly shaped.

I know these speeds are not what I can attain on my connection as my previous provider allowed real world speeds well up to 42mbps. The best, and consistently all I can get now is real world speeds of 23mbps. Same DSL ports as my previous modem, LAN connection to PC in both cases, no other devices, reboots, etc. Literally just swapped one modem for another, one provider for another and now a horrible connection.

I have sent an email with speed test screen shots, and the same information as above. A resolution to this problem ASAP would be welcome.

Hi @bardock5151 


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We were able to locate your account using your community details and tested the NBN network.


We weren't able to detect any fault and have seen that the sync speed is within range. The current sync speed that your modem is getting from the NBN FTTN network are 37809.0 kbps Downstream and 17765.0 kbps Upstream (Actual Throughput). The sync rate for the FTTN is greatly affected by the quality and distance of the copper line from the node to your premises.


May we know where did you get the information about the 'current line rate'? Are you able to share a screenshot of this information?


The speed of 23Mbps, was it the result of the speed test via WiFi connection or Wired connection? The WiFi connection is prone to interference which may cause the slow speed result. Are you able to test the speed via Wired?