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Speeds not as advertised

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I've tried to private message but the message box does not come up.


Hi @Leopard1999, can you try it again?

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So this has been my experience as it relates to your post; TPG not delivering NBN speeds;
1. In July 2021 ACMA new law is the service guarantee for NBN users. Telcos must deliver the min speed advertised for download and uploads if they cannot they must by law tell consumers they can't. Consumers have at least two options. Break contract with no penalty. Or ask the telco to charge a lower amount based on actual delivered speed.

I'm signed up for the 25/5 Mbps download and upload speed with nbn.
I use the tpg supplied router capable of 200 Mbps and 20 Mbps speeds
I consistently get anywhere from 0.5/0.1 Mbps to 20mbps/2mbps. This equates to getting approx 1-70% of my min contracted speeds. I've never got above 25/5
The tpg internet speed test imho is a complete lie. It exaggerated the speeds by about 100-500% of actual speeds when using other internet speed tests
I've consulted with TPG tech support and engineering multiple times and it hasn't fixed it
There is a very clear throttling occuring on my upload speeds. I can see it when doing the internet speed tests

I've now further escalated this and asked the following.
1. They tell me if they can provide 25/5 speed or not. They have told me some customers are on more expensive plans like 200/20; so they can definitely provide higher speeds that suggests they are deliberately limiting my speeds
2. No technical issues from what I can see

Conclusion; a reasonable assumption at this point is this is to do with maximising profit and minimising cost to TPG. TPG pay NBN for NBN services and data. My guess is they are not buying enough NBN bandwidth and spreading it too thin across the customer base and hoping people don't complain
I have lodged a formal complaint to TElco ombudsman and highly suggest others do the same so the TIO can see the size of the problem.. my guess here is TPG are basically stealing tens of millions a year worth of fees they charge consumers that they are not delivering via min download and upload speeds.

Hi @FcukThisCo


Thanks for raising this to our attention.


We'd like to raise this with our Complaints resolution team; Customer relations and have a case manager to contact you for further discussion.


Please send me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number along with the TIO reference number for fast tracking.