Spotify blocked

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Is spotify blocked? I can access it outside my home network, ok on the phone (4G Kogan) can remote to work computer and my work computer can access just fine. But all my devices at home can't access spotify. I have done a complete factory reset to router and took all settings off. Updated to latest firmware on my router (Billion 7800n). I have my computer on ethernet and my phone on wifi and both can't access


I have also noticed my internet is running much slower then normal. But that shouldn't give me an unreachable for spotify only.




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We'd love to help see what happened with your connection. Is it spotify only website having this issue? For additional reference. Please post the screen shot of the error message when you access


To better understand the situation, PM me your account details (Username/Customer ID together with the complete address).


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Thanks mate, just PM'd you


Hi @492kw,


Thanks for the additional details.


I'd like to confirm if you tried to use google's DNS for your modem/router's settings.


To better understand the situation, let me know your account details (Username/Customer ID together with the complete address on file).