Static IP? its 2020

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Got the cut off date for our copper services, in 3 months time, so now I going to do something about it rather than wait till last minute.


We can get a static IP for free with DNS PTR from a couple providers as we all know,  I have held off this late in hope TPG have got off their butt and are now doing this for NBN like they have for DSL users for over 10 years, I have been a long time loyal customer and was hoping to keep it that way, but if TPG still are not offering this to FTTN customers I guess the marriage is over.


So are they doing this now days? or has anyone been given a date for it to be available?


Even though there is no technical reason not to do it, in fact its easier to do it than assign from random pools (which is why they offer it for ADSL customers), I suspect not, but before  I  move I thought I'd pop by and ask, since the last word I had seemed to be the alst time I visited this forum, around the start of 2019.

Level 3

 forgot.... trolls telling me that I dont need a static IP or to go use some dyndns svc (wont work for my needs)

need NOT waste their time replying because you will be ignored Smiley Happy