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Still no internet connection for 3 days

Level 1c
We still cannot locate the TPG SID on the network options list despite modem showing all green lights & I have checked nbn website for planned outages, there are none current or planned for my area. If this is not resolved by Monday 12pm we will be switching providers. Thanks Smiley Happy
Level 9

What model router do you have?

Do you have an ethernet device or only wifi devices?

On the router, is the Internet light on?

What about the WLAN/2.4G/5G lights?

Some routers have a pushbutton to turn wifi on or off. 

Was going to suggest factory reset but wanted to check config first which would need ethernet device.


Level 1c
Huawei modem. Only wifi. Already tried reset button. Nothing working.
Level 1c
All lights on & green
Level 9

If you press the WLAN button (middle button of 3 on rear edge of router), does the WLAN light go off?

Press again and light comes on. Any change with detecting wifi?


On the occasion you did the factory reset, did you have to re-enter your TPG username and password?


Looks like the wireless part of the router is faulty.

Out of interest, do your wifi devices detect networks in neighbouring houses?

Level 1c
WLAN light flashes. Does not go off. No difference in detecting wifi network on tv or my partners phone. My phone defects & logs in automatically.
When reset I had to manually search for the network then put password but none of the 5 times I've tried have worked...
How do we go about fixing the modem? Resolving this issue?
Yes about 4 or 5 show up each time we search.
Level 1c
Wifi stayed on my phone for a few minutes then dropped out again..
Level 9

If the WLAN light doesn't go off, sounds like router is broken.


When you did reset on router, it would have forgotten that your phone had connected in the past. So you would have had to connect manually. When you entered the wifi password, was there an error message or did it just appear to stop?


Not that it matters, but at the moment, do both networks show on your phones, or neither of them?


A moderator may not look at this post again. Tomorrow morning, you should make a new post with this extra info: the WLAN light won't turn off; whether or not the wifi network name shows on your wifi devices; that you can detect other networks.

Level 9

I didn't see your post at 7:21 before I replied. What was the distance between router and your phone when it dropped out?

Level 1c
Thanks for your time & assistance David. Will do Smiley Happy