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Suddenly cannot send or receive email using thunderbird

Level 2

I have used thunderbird for years with 4-5 different email accounts.

Weeks ago it stoped working for my tpg account only.

All other accounts are working fine.


I have tried everything I can think of, and everything suggested online.

This includes removing and setting up account, probably 3 times.


Thunderbird error is:

Unable to log into server. Probably wrong configuration,username or password.


I have tied various port settings and server names with no luck.

This is strange as I never changed anything that could make this happen.


Does anyone have suggestions please.









Level 5

This happened to my email too, however, I tested it working with their Post Office but not on my Outlook Email. I changed my TPG password, re-configure the email after 15-30mins and it did the trick. 


I'm not even sure if this is related with the guide I found here

Level 3

Same problem. Someone said it will resolve itself eventually. I will use the Post Office app for now and recheck when the NBN is funtioning.