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Super slow upload speeds

Level 1b
I have been with TPG a long time and rhe upload speed has always been pretty terrible. Less than 1mb.. but my download speed has always been amazing. It's getting to the point it is really effecting my ability to work from home.. not sure where else to turn for help?

Hi  @Davy 

Can you please verify the following?  ( via  a PM

Mobile, home phone, Username or Customer ID

So I can take a look at  this issue for you. 
Thanks for the update, I was able to confirm your account details. 
You are on the 12/1 NBN Fibre Plan 

Which simply translates to Download of up to 12 Mbps & Upload of 1 Mbps 
The next plan would be the 50/20  which will usually average around 45 / 18 Mbps  down/up speeds. 

Level 1b

Hey, thank you! I have sent you a PM. 


Hi @Davy 

I also have another temporary option, which I'll discuss in private. 

Level 1b

@Mal_mod Ok great I look forward to hearing from you!