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Superfast/Ultrafast Upgrade Offer

Level 2

Hi team,


I have noticed that users were getting Ultrafast offers for $109.99 p/m and I have only received Superfast offer for $99.99 p/m to upgrade from NBN100 $89.99. It seems like other users are getting a better deal in getting Superfast offer for $84.99.


I did accept the Superfast offer as I want to extra speed but is it possible for me to get the $109.99 p/m for Ultrafast?

I also have an issue after the Superfast upgrade that my speed is still stuck at 100mbps after rebooting my modem multiple times. Here is my speedtest link


Hi @letrico


We'd be more than glad to check on this for you. 


Any chance you can provide us with your Customer ID or username via private message in order for us to assist you accordingly.