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Support phone call is so bad they cannot provide support

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Level 2

A lightning strike two weeks ago appears to have disabled my modem. 


TPG arranged someone to come to inspect, but instead of them turning up, an NBN tech came two days later and said that the line is fine, but my modem needs replacing.


TPG then called me that the tech support guy will be arranged, but I said that there was already a guy from NBN look at the line. The support person from the Philippines then started to accuse me of letting someone in that wasn't their technician, and now whatever's done to my modem they can no longer take responsibility!   Unbelievable. I just need internet here, not a lecture from a support person who obviously has no idea what TPG or NBN is doing. These are two separate companies and neither one are communicating with each other and reporting back to the central command centre. It's a crazy situation. 

TPG support attempted to call me twice, but their phone line from the Philippines is so bad that I cannot understand what they are saying!  If I call NBN support within TPG, I just get a noisy line and no one is at the other end after waiting for a call from them for 30 mins. This is frustrating beyond belief. TPG support in the past was good, but now it's degraded to the extent that it's not working at all.


Does anyone have any advice on actually getting the engineers to call me on a phone line that isn't all static?  Is anyone from TPG actually reading these posts, or are they all seen by frustrated customers of TPG and we are just yelling into our own echo chamber?



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