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emails always replying from default address

Level 2

Good morning,

Why does replying to an email sent to my alias e.g.
always revert to replying from the default account e.g.

Never used to happen with Chariot - only since signing up with TPG.
I use Outlook Express (not Outlook).

I need to be able to reply to emails sent to both addresses
with the correct email address.

Is it possible to NOT have a default email address?

Is there a setting somewhere which will enable replying to an email
to be sent from the alias address it was sent to without having to forever
check the From address?

Thank you.

Level 2

Hoping I have now fixed this by researching this forum.

I had asked for a second email address when first joining TPG.

The CSO set it up as an alias when it should have been set up as a slave account.

Time will tell.


Hi @6727296


You are correct, creating a second Email address under your main TPG account will be called as Slave.

Alias, basically means another name for your main account.