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TPG ADSL dropout and dead


Hi @annietan1, we would recommend changing over to Ethernet for a more accurate result. 


Because wireless signals travel through the air, they are susceptible to different types of interference than standard wired networks. Interference weakens wireless signals and therefore is an important consideration when working with wireless networking. 


Let us know how it goes. 

Level 3

Hi Erika

I have been monitoring my internet using LAN for the last few days.

Having monitored for few days, I am confirming the dropout has nothing to do WIFI.

I have experienced very short irregular dropouts over last few days.

Tonight I decided to report to TPG support who also confirmed the in-stability after running a test.


I noticed fews people are experiencing dropouts, not sure if they using ADSL or NBN.

Whatever is causing my internet dropouts, I am just hoping 2nd TPG technician who will probably come on site will be able to identify the the root cause.


Being with TPG for few years now and internet has been good.

Then last fews weeks I started having dropouts issue.





Hi @annietan1


Thanks for updating us. 


I can see that this case is currently under assessment by our engineering team. 


I've now chased this with our engineering team and has requested for this case to be priorised.


They'll be contacting you as soon as additional information becomes available.