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TPG ADSL dropout and dead

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Hi @annietan1, we would recommend changing over to Ethernet for a more accurate result. 


Because wireless signals travel through the air, they are susceptible to different types of interference than standard wired networks. Interference weakens wireless signals and therefore is an important consideration when working with wireless networking. 


Let us know how it goes. 

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Hi Erika

I have been monitoring my internet using LAN for the last few days.

Having monitored for few days, I am confirming the dropout has nothing to do WIFI.

I have experienced very short irregular dropouts over last few days.

Tonight I decided to report to TPG support who also confirmed the in-stability after running a test.


I noticed fews people are experiencing dropouts, not sure if they using ADSL or NBN.

Whatever is causing my internet dropouts, I am just hoping 2nd TPG technician who will probably come on site will be able to identify the the root cause.


Being with TPG for few years now and internet has been good.

Then last fews weeks I started having dropouts issue.





Hi @annietan1


Thanks for updating us. 


I can see that this case is currently under assessment by our engineering team. 


I've now chased this with our engineering team and has requested for this case to be priorised.


They'll be contacting you as soon as additional information becomes available. 



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My TPG is dead again, since 8pm 17-June-2018. My internet dropout nightmare started since I first reported back in April-2018. In the beginning, the dropout was more frequent and eventually managed to remain stable for about a month and I though at last TPG fixed the issue. Unfortunately, last night my nightmare started again. This morning I had a very very brief connection but very slow and then dead till now 2:30pm 18-june-2018. I tried LAN and have been swapping modem, nothing work. So I don't reckon it has anything to do with my end. TPG seriously have to work on this fault investigation.

Regrettably, I wish I was the bearer of better news, @annietan1.


This connection issue has been raised to our Engineering Team and currently under assessment. I don’t have any further updates differing from what has already been communicated to you. Your experience is important to us. I will make follow up on this and will provide you with updates where possible.




Hi @annietan1


I understand that one of our Engineers has been in touch and has reminded you with your appointment with one of our technicians for today between 1:00pm - 5:00pm. 


Our Engineers will continue to communicate with you and will provide you updates once available. 


Let us know should you need further assistance. 

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TPG engineer came yesterday came yesterday, and concluded my modem is dead. I went to get a BRAND new one and still have the same issue. Both old and BRAND new modem can ping but cannot browse. I am sure it is not a modem related issue but some kind of configuration on TPG side that is causing the browsing issue.
I saw the technician has another modem in his technician bag, and I asked if he could test with that. He said that modem is faulty as it does not work in another house. I test with 4 modems and none work; even with BRAND NEW modem I just bought from Bing Lee today. Please help do a thorough investigation, I CANNOT afford to keep on buying modem just to get the internet to work. I rather quit TPG than keep in buying modem.

Hi @annietan1,


I apologise for this inconvenience. I can only imagine how frustrating your experience has been. This issue is still under assessment by our Engineering Team.


I will pass this on and make follow up to the relevant team for additional information.



Level 3

At last my internet is up & running.


Kudos to 3rd technician who did a very thorough diagnosis, and narrow down the root cause to being outside of my home.

Prior to the 3rd technician's diagnosis, I was told I got a bad modem & I went on modem shopping spree. Kudos to TPG staff who has been very patiently trying to help me setup a brand new modem though we fail to get the internet to work, and for scheduling the 3rd technician promptly.


I cross my fingers & hope for smooth running of my internet from here onwards.


Great! Thank you for the update @annietan1.


Let us know should you require further assistance.