TPG Archer C1200

Level 2



I have been provided this Tplink model by TPG on my NBN plan just years ago , till now I didnt know this router is faulty , I always had low speed on LAN and WiFi  regardless of my previous plann which was 100mbs FTTP, recently I have upgrded my plan to ultrafast NBN , but still noticed that speed is low , I checked few times with i get max 145mbs form 1000 service on LAN.


I rang TP-Link support they said router was faulty from firstt time , I should get higher speed in LAN  compared with 1000mbs that I get from TPG.


* I am FTTP user and i get 940mbs direct to my imac without router , but when router connected speed drops to 145mbs on LAN


I like to know if TPG can exchange this product ,




Hi @mpzaree


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We were able to locate your account and learned that you've been in touch with our Tech team.


A replacement modem/router has been processed and further updates will be provided via email notification.


Let us know if you need further assistance.