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TPG Business Deliver same IP Address to two devices on the same network.

Level 2

Hi guys,

We have a TPG Business account for our office interner, and with it comes a single static IP address. 

The TPG service is configured on a single FortiGate router at the moment. 

However, we are looking at adding a second router to the network, to create a High Availability environment. The two routers will have their LAN interfaces connected to each other.

Is there any way that the two routers can share the same TPG Public IP, either simultaneously, or by having the IP bounce from one router to the other?

Thanks in advanvce.


Level 15

Hi @Atish . It might be better to ask Fortigate if they have a solution for your requirement. The main part of your requirement is to have fail-over with just a single NBN connection.

You might rely on the reliability (MTBF) of the Fortigate device and make do with some form of manual switchover - moving cables between units.


Following is only my guess.

With a single connection to NBN, you would need a switch to connect both routers to the NBN connection.

This switch needs to be able to detect loss of activity on one of the routers and switch to the other one. Both routers would have same WAN mac address so the alternate router gets the same static address.

You still have single point of failure with this switch.

If the Fortigate router has built-in switch with multiple ethernet ports, you still need manual recabling if one fails. If it has only 2 ports, you need a back-end switch to connect ethernet devices. This also needs to be able to detect loss of activity on the routers to switch to the alternate..