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TPG Email Account does not work for Outlook 2016

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I have tried setting up my tpg email account with Microsoft Outlook 2016.  I have tried the POP settngs and the IMAP settings to no avail.  


Can you please tell me whether I am wasting my time trying to set up an account in Windows 10 or advise me of the options I have.


This is the message I receive when I try to set it up


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Hi all,


I had this problem too and recently found a way to get this to work.  The issue I had was that I couldn't properly configure the account using the new account setup interface in MS Outlook 2016.  Fortunately you can access the old account setup interface from the Windows control panel. 


Close Outlook, go to Control Panel > User Accounts Mail, click Email Accounts... button, from that interface you should be able to add a new or update an existing TPG email account.

See the following link for more details:

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Hi caroho


Welcome to TPG Community! 


You may try using the information provided on this link: Email Settings


Please ensure that on the username box, you only enter your TPG username without the domain (


Let us know how it goes. 






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Unfortunately it does not work.

I have had to download other email software for it to work.


I have tried everything in terms of TPG's settings and they do not work.


I would suggest TPG get onto the problem, as more and more people will be upgrading their computers and will end up having the same problem.




Hi @caroho,

Can you post a screen shot of the account email settings you used to setup it up?

Have you tried to access your email to our post office?