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TPG Infrastructure in Future Roadworks Upgrade

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I am writing to find out whether there is existing TPG infrastructure located within the David Low Way road reserve of Pacific Paradise. We have received survey information that identifies a TPG pit near number 622 David Low Way, Pacific Paradise, QLD, 4564 (Lot 102 RP92687). 

There are no other TPG pits found within the road reserve of David Low Way or Ocean Drive. The pit itself also appears to be empty with no cable inside. The Dial Before U Dig information does not identify TPG near the David Low Way / Ocean Drive intersection.


There are some planned road upgrades in the future within 18 months for the David Low Way / Ocean Drive intersection, and before we assume there are no costs associated with relocation of TPG I would like confirmation first. I am not sure which of the contact phone numbers is the relevant one that puts me in touch with a relevantly authorised person who can answer my query. 


Would you please contact me at your earliest conveninence. 

Kind regards