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TPG Internet down last 24 hours and generally unreliable

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  When will TPG Internet work again??? It has been eratic for weeks and down for the the last 24 hours.  Yes the connection to TPG works and that is when it stops.  Google home page (only) does display.  No access to international sites, including email.  Am running on a backup modem to a backup ISP.  That means that the International connection from Australia is working.  Yes, we have recycled the TPG modem many times. etc etc.


Comoon guys, you can do better than this.  Not interested whether it is NBN, Telstra or the Singapore servers. My contract is with TPG, My expectation is that TPG manages and fixes upstream.


When will TPG Internet work again???



Hi @jwarouw01


Welcome to the Community!


We checked the account and understand that the service is restored.

There's no reported outage in the area that may have affected your service.


In case you experience this again, please call our Tech team on 1300 997 271 for real time support.


You may also check if your service is affected by an outage using this article: How to Check for NBN Network Outage