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TPG NBN FTTB SERVICES is down in Bankstown.

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Right now I am really upset of TPG service. Yesterday 10 Feb my FTTB internet was down. I called the support team and wait for 50 mins then one lady pick up the phone and do all the protocol check. After all she told me that TPG have technical issue at my location, she apologized for it and will update me with msn later.
Today morning I received message from a support team told me my internet is completely fine and their is no issue at all.
I double check my model no DSL and Internet light. Try to call the support and they play the waiting game. After 30 mins they hand up and it happen twice in a roll.
TPG sure will lost me as a customer if they can't explain the whole thing clearly today.
Ticket #10236094

Hi @ngochan11


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We apologise for the inconvenience this is causing you. 


The current weather condition is currently affecting multiple services at the moment. Our Network team is continuously working in resolving the issue in the soonest and most possible way.