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TPG NBN FTTP settings for TP-Link Archer VR2800

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I needed a new router modem so I bought a TP-Link Archer VR2800.

Can you please help with settings for TPG NBN FTTP?

I tried following a similiar post you did here but it wasn't successful.


Thanks heaps in advance Smiley Happy




Hi @thugpashn ,


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May we know what happened after you set up the new router? What's the status of the light of your VR2800 when it was connected to the NBN NTD box?


The guide posted here should work as you only need a router for the NBN FTTP technology.




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Thanks for your response BasilDV


The internet light on the VR2800 is red in colour. The link you referred to was the one I tried initially and it failed unfortunately.

Would you know if there are any settings I should be looking at or some minor adjustments in setup?


Thanks again


Hi @thugpashn


That's the only setup information for VR2800.


You may contact the manufacturer of the device for further support on how to set it up. You need to make sure that the PPPoE username and password (TPG account) is correct in order for the device to authenticate with our server.



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I changed my authentication type to PAP and that worked for me.


Archer VR2800.png

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The Data point from the NBNCo device doesn't fit the DSL point in the Archer VR2800. How did you manage to connect it to the NBNCo device? The DSL line is smaller, may be fit an Telephone line. I just moved to new house, using FTTP and modem provided by TPG is very basic. I was to use my Archer VR2800.