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TPG NBN HFC continuous dropouts

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Hi everyone,

I experience continous dropouts from my TPG NBN HFC service. The NBN modem has all lights on, there are no issues with NBN in the area - so the issues are on TPG level. After a dropout, TPG supplied TP Link Archer VR1600v tries to re-connect, it could take a few minutes. Very often I have 6-7 dropouts in a row. I had sent numerous tech support requests, router logs, etc. There is always a response 'we checked your service and everything is ok'. Obviously not!


The timing of dropouts is random, it seems to be happening most often in pick hours - around 9-10 am 18:00-21:00 pm. Sometimes I have 2-3 days of uninterrupted service, sometimes the service is so bad I have to switch on wireless.


Archer router has only one device plugged in over cat 6 Ethernet cable and has no wireless switched on. I am having trouble getting a senior engineer to have a look at it. Level 1 tech support folks seem to have no clue or ways to troubleshoot. My gut feeling is there is an issue with authentication on TPG end or it might be a faulty router. I am running the service for about 6 months, it was rock solid until about a month ago.


Any help/ideas/advice is appreciated.






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