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TPG NBN S Bundle change from ADSL a scam to force plan upgrades with shaping?

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Hi there,


Despite months of TPG customer service calling me, I have held off changing from ADSL to NBN because I was happy with ADSL as I am a low usage user.  I finally switched in October when i  was promised that my data allowance would be the same as before and now with nbn I will pay $10 less a month for faster speed as long as I sign up for 18 months and I had no choice because they were turning the ADSL service off. 1 week into converting to NBN, I received an email to say I have exceeded 10GB and my internet speed has been shaped and that I need to upgrade to a higher plan.


When I logged into the my account, it showed I had exceeded 10GB within a day and that day I was not even home! When I rang up the customer service and technical support, I was given the spiel "we have records to show you did exceed your usage that day" and will send you your usage reports ( even though I have access to the same reports online) and was asked questions like if I keep my modem all the time. I can see what the usage report says but it seems TPG does not accept that their reports can be inaccurate. The usage showed me exceeding the usage on a long weekend when I was not even home. I am not a gamer, and only ocassionally watch netflix on weekends and don't have any fancy attachments to my modem. The past few months had shown consistent low usage and I have never had my internet speed shaped when I was with ADSL. How could I have exceeded data when I wasn't even home to use it? While TPG investigates, I am stuck with no internet .

Reading the forums, it seems even turning your modem off will not solve the problem since there will be some usage. I would like an explanation from TPG what exactly is TPG's modem and downloading even when the user is not home that could clock usage? If there is no reasonable explanation, I am cancelling my contract and going to ACCC to lodge an official investigation into this. Thanks


Hi @MichM


We've responded to your previous post here.

We'll be waiting for your response.