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TPG Online Chat is NOT Working

Level 2

I am moving home and for the last 4 days have attempted to contact TPG but I have not been successfull. The few employees I have been able to contact have transferred me unsuccessfully, closed the chat or did not respond. I need the internet to work from home.


I understand this is a difficult time however not being able to contact an internet provider for 4 days is unacceptable. I am not even able to submit a move plan in my account without getting a new modem delivered to my old address. I am not even able to update my address details. It's completely astounding how difficult this has been.

Level 2

I am having the same issue.  Planning to move in 4 weeks time and have absolutely no success in getting any assitance.  Exactly the same as you, too many attempts to get a response from chat, chat then get transferred and no response.  So frustrating.  I am planning to cancel my credit card payment, hoping for them to chase me up...

Level 2

Today, TPG online chat is still not working. I can submit my initial question, but after that I can't send any further communications through the chat box. I have now had 3 help sessions closed on me because the TPG rep thought I wasn't there. I was - and typing furiously! But nothing got through.


Please fix this TPG!