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TPG POP / speed differences?

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Curious about TPG's POP locations... and how much it impacts speed tests.


Switched from TPG FTTN to another provider (to get the free FTTP upgrade).

Just moved back to TPG and reactivated for FTTP with TPG.

Differences in speed are astounding.


My Speedtest results:

FTTP on <other ISP>: Averages 200Mbps down

FTTP on TPG: Averages 15Mbps down

Uploads seem to be about on par.


That's on tests from and direct from router (again, to Speedtest).

Destination is a Melbourne server (doesn't matter much which one I pick).

If I use the Speedtest on the TPG site ( I see the expected 200+ Mbps down.

But that's hitting a Sydney server....


Hi @ikerris . You can check your NBN Point of Interconnect here:

High speed cable from POI to TPG data centre, but they don't advertise where they are.


To make proper sense of speed tests, you need the ip address which is doing the actual test. (Use packet capture software, eg. Wireshark.) You can then find the location of the ip address at and who owns it.

The best results are obtained using a server which is closest to you network-wise, to minimise network delays. This "should" be at the TPG data centre servicing your connection.

You can use ping and tracert commands to look at response times through the network. Check on several websites, eg., telstra, iinet, dodo, google, etc. 


Do tracert

Second address is your router's "default gateway", which could be at TPG on other side of NBN network.

Ping the default gateway, then TPG, and the other sites and see the incremental response times.

Use this command to send a longer datastream to these sites.

ping -n 1 -l 65000  <ip_address>             lower case L to specify data length


Some speedtest sites allow you to change the server location and some other parameters used by the test.

Speeds may vary during the day.