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TPG and MDF Jumpering a little confused

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Hi guys,

Move into a place with a friend a year ago and got an ADSL connection with TPG. All is good. I then move overseas for a year (for work) and as my friend had no need for the internet he cancelled the service.

After a year I came back and moved into the same apartment with my mate, rang TPG to get the internet connected.

Before the installation would become complete I was told that my service needed “MDF Jumpering” to the apartment.

Is this correct? I have been gone for a year and no other service has been installed here. Thought it would be as easy as just turning it on. Now a technician needs to do the jumpering. can anyone explain this process to me?


Hi @Yianni,

On the day of the home phone scheduled connection, TPG will deliver the service to the network boundary point to your premises. This network boundary point is typically either:

– The first telephone socket (inside a free standing premises. such as a house) or
– The Main Distribution Frame (in a multiple dwelling unit for example an apartment).

For customers who live in a multi user dwelling who were asked to be home for the installation, it is likely that once the service is installed that another technician will be required to jumper your service. TPG is responsible to deliver the service to the first side of the MDF (the 'A' side).



Any wiring that is missing to connect to the other side of the MDF (the 'B' side) and into the building is the customer's responsibility and requires a technician. TPG can arrange for a field services technician to do this for you for an additional charge. Without doing this, the service will not work.


















If you wish to learn more about ADSL2+ Installation you can click here.

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I had a friend who went through this. He had to stay home a second time for the jumpering technician to come and do the work. And had to pay an extra $60 on top of the installation charge already paid.

Why can't this "jumpering" (and the $) be included in the installation?


Hi @wilcrunk,


Some customers won't need MDF Jumpering especially those in Stand Alone Houses (not in the apartment) so it will be unfair if we add the $60.00 to the installation fee. Our customers also have the option if they like to hire their own technician to do the jumpering.


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Hi @wilcrunk, I have tried to source my own tech. Every quote was $100. So ill take TPG offer for one of there guys to do the jumpering

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Everyone that choose TPG as a provider of internet should know my expirience with the famuos MDF and Jummpring.

All starts when Telstra tecnician came to do the connection in the MDF, then you ask. It is all allright, and then he said, TPG is going to give you a call. 

TPG call you and they offer pay $60 for do the jummpering or call your own techniciant for do it. In my case i chose call strata techniciant that is free of charge.

At the end when strata techniciant went to the MDF. He saw that all the job was well done. Anything else to connect or jummpering. I got really up set and i went to the TPG office to write a complaint.

I spend 3 hours in the office trying to solve the issue by phone the staff from there couldn't help me anymore and i chose cancell my account.

They call me again and said me that a TPG technician is in my home and he fix the problem. No one was there. They lied me. 

Then when i arrive a home my internet was working with a $60 charge in my account for the jummpering.


In conlusion, this is a cheap provider and they try to charge as mach as they can. Just for earn $60 i waste my time, and they lied me.


If you want TPG remember that you MUST PAY $60 for jummpering.



Thanks for read my post



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I have read every single word of your post.

I would like to thank you to let the public know this horrible experience.

That was what TPG did to me as well.

I believe the jumpering fee was to keep techs in job.

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 Hi guys,


I suggest we should all report to the ACCC about the misleading and deceptive conduct engaged by TPG about the Jumpering Fee, which breach s18 of the Australian Consumer Law. 

We have to stop them from misleding cusotmers for this hidden fee!


We need more victims to file complaint to the ACCC so ACCC can start invetigation!


Hi @Zhuyang

The process regarding MDF jumpering is not only with TPG, other telco and ISP service experience this as well.

Please see my response to your initial post located here Jumpering Fee NOT Set up fee.


Let me know should you require further assistance.



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You appeared to have not answered the question above, it did not ask for an explanation of jumpering.


The question stated that there was prevously a TPG connection, but after it was cancelled for a year, there needs to be additional 'jumpering' ?


Have just had a similar experience in an apartment I have moved into; it has internet sockets in every room, how on earth could it be missing cabling from the MDF ?