TPG email account

Level 2
With TPG not supporting their email account in the near future, I tried to add my TPG email account to my gmail account. I keep getting the error” The server for n my email account is unreachable or timed out.”
Why? I heard TPG must turn on IMAP,?
Has anybody added their tpg account to their gmail account? How did you do it

Hi @nrdarlison . Are you trying to add a second email Inbox to your email client app?
Or, are you trying to use Gmailify on your Android Gmail app?

An article from 2016 said the app would initially work for Yahoo and Hotmail, but they would expand to other email providers. But maybe they didn't.

It is supposed to work on IMAP and POP accounts.

When you get the error message, is there any other info, like server name it is trying to connect to?