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TPG not my ISP but my TPG email address used with another ISP

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Sorry I may not get the terminology right.  In 2016 I switched internet provider from TPG to Telstra.  But my TPG email address ( was transferred over to Telstra and I pay $$ to TPG annually for keeping this email address alive.  I have had this TPG email address for about 20 years and want to keep it.  In light of TPG transferring its email addresses over to The Messaging Company, my question now is this:  DO I NEED TO OPT IN TO TRANSFER MY TPG EMAIL ADDRESS TO THE MESSAGING COMPANY,  EVEN THOUGH MY ISP IS NOT TPG?  Thank you in advance for your help.

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Hi Jendee,

TPG had the option of allowing you to keep your TPG email address provided you paid them a monthly fee. Your email has nothing to do with Telstra, who provide your internet services (including a Bigpond mail account). Your mail is hosted with TPG on what used to be TPG servers and is now a mess.

My TPG email is broken and it appears there's a migration of TPG accounts to AtMail which is either in progress during working hours or the migration is broken.

I'm not sure where you'll be with your account but I suspect that if you're paying for mail hosting ONLY, switching to TMC might be an improvement and less expensive in the long run.


Hi @JenDee


Yes, you can keep your TPG email address if you opt in. 


If you opt to migrate your email to TMC, they can keep the email up to Sept 2024. During these times you can slowly change over your email to a gmail or other email provider. 


Download important email to computers via outlook or other email client or choose to keep this email via TMC after Sept 2024. 


More nfo can be found on our support page here: TPG email addresses are moving to The Messaging Company