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TPG vpn, proxy and tunnelling

Level 2
I can’t see some titles on Netflix that others in the same location can. When I contacted Netflix, it was diagnosed that Netflix thought I was in another country. (This was validated when I switched from home wifi to 5g on my mobile and was served the titles that didn’t appear on my smart tv or mobile while I was on the wifi network). Apparently, this issue occurs when the internet provider is using a VPN or Proxy or tunneling service which hides the users location. How do we turn off TPG’s location hiding services?
Level 15

Hi @Michdoan . It's possible that Netflix thinks your current public ip address is overseas.

Go to to see where your ip address might be defined. Is this address the same as the one shown in your router admin? also shows the ip address ranges issued to the provider. And proxy info. And if the ip address is in any blacklist?

You can reboot your router and get another ip address.