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Technical Chat has serious problems

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I've tried to use the chat for 3 days now. I've had issues with not being able to respond to the tech on the first day, tried with both my phone and by hotspotting on my pc, I was using Chrome. I've since tried using Edge which seams to work, but can't get to talk to anyone. Waited hours yesterday, but the whole time it said there were no logged in support staff. Tried again this morning, was in queue, then it changed to no logged in support staff. THIS IS NOT WORKING!!
Please see my message below -
This is the 3rd day I've tried to speak to someone, it is ridiculous.
I've been having internet connection issues. A couple of weeks ago someone from the NBN came out and found a problem in the pit, but said if the problem persisted it would be a card in the node and would need to be replaced. Can you please help sort this out. Each day I reboot the modem multiple times before it starts working again.
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Pete I am wondering if TPG is still in business.  I have been trying to reach technical support since 1pm yesterday.  Have been waiting in technical support chat rooms for hours and hours to get to the front of the que to be told they are offline.  I have tried calling, holding on for hours and hours only to be cut off everytime redirecting you to their online chat!  Beyond ridiculous!!!

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Looks like there's no support regardless of where you try!!!

Hi All,


We're sorry to know that you are having issues with the service and we apologise for the inconvenience this is causing you.


We are getting a lot of queries at the moment and we understand that some get frustrated due to the long wait times.


In light of the recent happenings due to the COVID19 outbreak, TPG's telephone support team members are transitioning to work from home set-up to lessen the exposure and chance of contracting the virus.


Nevertheless, we are committed to responding to all queries via all possible means as quickly as possible.


We really appreciate your patience during this time.


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But no one can connect through the chat system - I haven't been able to at all. It just says to try again later. Is there no queue system? Am I doing something incorrectly?