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Temporary internet suspension

Level 2

I am living overseas for more than 6 months. I can see no valid reason why TPG will not allow me to suspend my internet for this period.

I have, as a second preference, tried unsuccessfully to reduce my plan from $74.99 to the basic $34.99 per month, but am having no luck with customer service (via email), and with trying directly through my account.

It really seems like no-one at TPG is willing or able to help me.

I would appreciate a direct link to a mod who may be able to assist.


Finally, if I cancel my service, how much will it cost me to reconnect when I return ?


Hi @bailspeter


Welcome to TPG Community! 


We're sorry to learn about your recent experience and we'll ensure to get you the right help. Send us a PM with your TPG customer ID or username then we can discuss it from there. 

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