Terrible service

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Just a note to other users and those that may be considering tpg - don’t.
Internet has been down a number of days now. I have only had the NBN since last Monday. For the period of time I did have the NBN working (5days) I had terrible peak speeds. On the 50 plan I was getting between 6-14mb peak evening speed with pings in the vicinity of 200m/s - this despite their minimum acceptable speed being 15. I had complained about this problem and then a day later the NBN completely turned off.

After the NBN NCD started flashing red they said they would send an NBN technician out. TPG send me a text message yesterday “urgent appointment reminder” telling me I must be home for appointment. So I take the day off work. 11am rolls around I get a call from someone at TPG. I couldn’t quite understand what they were saying however they may have said something about it possibly being a bigger NBN issue? Despite asking a number of times I couldnt quite understand due to language barrier issues. They then tell me that there is no time frame for service rectification. Great. I ask them about when the service is rectified what are they going to do about the terrible peak speeds (despite me getting 47mb during the day). They try and blame this on the NBN when it is clear that insufficient circuits have been purchased by NBN for my area causing the limited peak bandwidth.

Just mind boggling.


We truly understand the frustration of not being able to use the service as expected, @Michaelherps


As you are aware we rely on NBN Co in your area to provide a service and appointment availability is subjected to our wholesaler partner and as a re-seller we only have limited control over such things. Please understand that this technical limitation is beyond TPG’s control. 


Our Engineering team is doing the best they can to ensure that everything follows through and that necessary updates are provided whenever it's available. 



Level 3
That would be fine, but the problem is today I speak with an engineer On the phone. Still no eta on having my internet back. He promises that someone from TPG will contact me later today to provide me with feedback from the NBN and possible eta. What do you know? No one called me despite receiving a promise. I sent emails to both the help desk and techops to follow up on the failure to call me. However they have not replied. Hence the title of the thread being terrible service. Yes you are constrained by NBNCo, but you still have the ability to follow up with customer service promises. Here I am, still none the wiser on when I will have internet. So now not only did I take a day off work yesterday waiting for an engineer to come to a schedule appointment (no show), but now I waited all day for a phone call from TPG to no avail.

We sincerely apologise for what happened, @Michaelherps. We have forwarded your message to our Engineering Team and we'll make sure that someone will contact you today to discuss the status of the case.