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Text message URGING me to plug in modem only to find service not active and ADSL lost

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Hi there.  Why did i receive a text message from you saying " TPG important reminder you NBN service is awaiting activation. Connect your NBN modem to avoid service disruption" only to set up and find my install is not ready and now my ADSL connection is lost.  For someone who works from home, this is an epic fail.  Not a good start.  I hope TPG is going to reimburse any 4G data costs i incur until this is resolved.  I mean seriously, i feel like a mug for blindly following your instructions.


Hi @WattojTurleyane


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Thank you for raising this with us. Using your community details as reference, I was able to check your the information regarding your NBN order. From what I can tell, NBNCo has classified the order as Service Class 33 which means that the line infrastructure has been laid out already. The only thing required by NBNCo for the service to be activated is for the NBN Connection Device and modem to be plugged in from your end, hence, the reason for the notification you received. Though it was unfortunate that it didn't work the way we hoped for it to be, it was necessary to connect those devices to determine if the service will get activated or if it will require further investigation from NBN.


In theory, your ADSL connection should still work at this point since the NBN service wasn't activated yet. If your ADSL account is still active, I would suggest checking with their support to see the status from their end.


I can see that our Provisioning Team has requested for a TPG technician to check the connection of your devices (NBN box and modem). You will be notified via SMS or call once the appointment schedule is available.