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The Internet has been really slow.

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Based on your response, we'll make the following assumptions. Now, these assumptions could be wrong and we welcome your corrections but the whole point here is for us to come up with the most likely scenario of your situation and base our advise on how to improve your internet speed off that.


Since we also have to consider how painfully slow your internet speed currently is, we'll try to cram as much info here so that your next visit after "another 10 minutes of page load wait time" is maximised.


We are assuming here that:

  • Your old internet service was ADSL and you recently upgraded to TPG's NBN FTTN service
  • Your old ADSL internet service may or may no longer be active
  • You received a brand-new NBN FTTN modem from TPG

Please do the following:


Inspect all the rooms and floors of your house and physically count how many telephone wall sockets you have. Write that down. Telephone wall sockets are small square sockets as opposed to the bigger round sockets used by cable (pay TV) or TV aerial sockets.


Remove or disconnect any device connected to these telephone wall sockets. They could be your old ADSL modem, DSL filters, DSL splitters, phone handsets, phone base stations, fax machines, everything.


Put aside your old modem. We don't need that anymore. Don't use it again.


Focus on one telephone wall socket to use for your NBN. This could be where your NBN FTTN modem is currently connected to. This may also be where your old ADSL modem was connected to. The point here is to settle on one socket.


Now clear that socket.


Attach a phone cable to the socket. Use the one included on your brand-new NBN FTTN modem from TPG. Make sure it "clicks" into place. You may have to plug and unplug the phone cable a few times to get a good feel that it is indeed secure.


Plug in the opposite end of that very same phone cable to the VDSL port of your NBN FTTN modem. If the modem doesn't have a port labelled VDSL, then try using the port labelled DSL. Ensure cable is secure. At this point, the only device connected to your preferred wall socket is the NBN FTTN modem. Any other telephone wall sockets that you may have in your house should all be bare.


Connect your PC/laptop to your NBN FTTN modem using the modem's supplied Ethernet cable. Ensure that this cable is connected securely to PC/laptop's Ethernet port and to the modem's LAN port.


Connect your NBN FTTN modem to the power outlet. Power on your modem.


Advise us of your speed.

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When I got TPG service, my town already had NBN so I got NBN along with TPG. The 10 Minutes of wait time was a bit of an exaggeration, it was more like 5 minutes.The modem I received was the first and only one TPG gave me. I will attach an image of my plan details which may assist you in resolving this issue.

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@liliangel1975 hey mate what's the latest on this? Reading through this thread made me remember having the same issue before. Isolating my devices one by one helps in resolving my issue. To get a more accurate speedtest result I used ethernet to connect my laptop to the modem, turning off the applications running on the background. 

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I accidentally accepted that as a solution, oh well. Now my internet isn't working anymore. I am currently outside my house on my laptop writing this. I contacted support and they are delivering a new modem to see if it fixes the issue. I always run speedtest with nothing running but chrome to get the most accurate results with Speedtest being my only tab. I do use an ethernet cable to maximise my speed but, honestly it's really slow still. My friends who don't have NBN receive the same speeds as me, who has NBN. I will keep you updated if anything changes.