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The Messaging Company Charges

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How much will it cost me to stay with the messaging company; I know that the first year's cost is covered by TPG


Hi @megawatt ,


TPG does not have information on The Messaging Company email pricing after the first 12 months. TMC will be able to provide you with pricing before charges start after the first year.





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I am confused. From early communications, tranfering to The Message Company would attract no email charges before September this year.  Now it appears that TMC service will be free to the user for one year ?  Could we clarify this ?



Hi Rod, 


We have paid TMC to provide your email service until late 2024. After this point, TMC will communicate with customers about any changes, including pricing. They also intend to offer a webmail service for no or very low cost through to premium services, including the option for your domain for your email. i.e., For more info, please have a read through at 

TPG email addresses are moving to The Messaging Company I Migrating to TMC? I TMC FAQs




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This is wrong of TPG to do this, why we pay a service fee for? 

I will fight this, and will be emailing ACA on Channel 9, lets get together and fight this.


I have started a petition regarding this

I am also going to take this matter further to the TCO. By default an internet provider must provide a basic level of service including an email address. TPG wants to transfer this service to a third party provider thus slugging tpg customers another charge they didnt signup for.

NO TPG we wont stand for this.

You already outsourced all your customer service to Manila PH and now you want to cut more services.


NO WAY. Ive been a customer for 20 years now.

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Thanks I have signed.  I'm with two of TPG's isp iinet and internode and will be looking to move both.  Been with them 20+ years and have yet to have any emails from internode about this.  Got one from iinet and have asked them a few questions and after two replies they are still unable to answer the question.  Very poor service for long time members.  Email address is the only reason I stayed with them and if its gone so am I.

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This  is very very poor!

I will be doingh what I can to get you to withdraw this.

I hjabvn't seen an email from you, noticed the story on ITwire.

You should be giving us all a susbtantial discount on your ISP cxharges,or, payinbg for the new service indefinitely.

I will no longer be able to recommend TPG family sewrvices, and, wiuld not touch your mobile services after this.

What you are doinbg is a seriipus breach of trust with youyrf jusers.

Karl Reed


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Agree. How much.
Why must I accept terms and conditions for a service that doesn't tell me how much it will cost.??

who is themessagingco?
What proof is there that they can perform this service?

Their website is vague and implied.


give us factual proof they can deliver the service to a professional and timely service.


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Thanks I've signed. I consider email a basic service from an ISP. Looking for alternative ISP.


Hi @malsal,

The Messaging Company will contact customers with available pricing options at least 60 days prior to commencing charges for the email service. The service will be on us until September 2024. 
Your current email settings will continue to work when you opt to move your TPG email address to The Messaging Company.

TMC is an Australian-based company and is part of the Atmail Group, with over 20 years of experience providing email services.

You can find out more here: