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Setting up a second router

Level 3


Hope someone can point me in the right direction, here.  Current setup is :

HFC NBN broadband 50/20 plan

Primary router is TP Link AC1600

I purchased a second router TP Link AX5400 Model no. VX420-G2v.

I am trying to connect the second router with the following phycal connection:

NBN modem--->AC1600(LAN port)--->internal HH ethernet cabling---->AX5400(WAN port)

But I can't get internet.  If I connect AX5400 directly to the NBN modem, I get internet.  I have changed the default username and password in the "Internet" section of the router to my TPG login.  Have also hard reset the modem.  Other than "Internet" section, I have not changed any settings in the AX5400.  Anyone can shine some light here?  


Thanks in advance.

Level 15

Hi @hianchan2 . Try setting the VX420 to Dynamic IP (instead of PPPoE). VX420 will get its ip address from main router. In main router, set up address reservation for the mac address of the VX420 for when you need to login to it. Connect VX420 WAN port to main router LAN port.