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The future of communication technology?

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Whats the future of communication technology like? & the future of mobile plans?


Unlimited mobile data plans?

Sharing your monthly quota on a touch of a button to any mobile user in the world?


anyone got any cool ideas?



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G'Day N4M3L355N3RD, I absolutely think the future of the Internet is completely wireless. I don't think we're even that far off that future right now, to be honest.


With 5G speeds going over 1Gbps (uncontended), why would we want to connect to the Internet over 50 year old copper? I'm predicting the NBN to be obsolete before it's finished.


@N4M3L355N3RD & @Andrew


It could depend on government etc. Australia is a vast land and would be interesting if it would be wireless/mobile but be a big challenge trying to cover and provide awesome speeds.


If it is wireless then what kind of security measures would we all need to develop to keep our information safe.


iOT is definately the way of the future and im quite partial to 100% fibre. 


I am still looking for the day of communicating via ESP and Teleporting to different countries/worlds in a split second but we can only dream I could see this in my lifetime


What is everyone elses views?


- Wayne

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I was thinking along the lines of security, we would definetly need something reliable brought into the world for it. As hackers and crackers get smarter , Fraudsters and Crimanals get more advance. New technology needs to compliment this in its own way. There would be growth for the jobs sector of cyber security when that time comes.


the modern day antivirus just wont cut it anymore...








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Internet of things is a really interesting area and definitely the next big thing. I want my fridge to speak to me (Jian Yang's fridge in Silicon Valley, anyone...?). 


5G might just smoke a lot of today's internet services right out of the water.



Whilst wireless services will be dominant in terms of mobile devices they are still all underpinned at some point by fibre based services. 


My 2 cents is both technologies exist symbiotically now and into the future. Advances in one, drive growth in the other.



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I believe the future of communication technology is that IT JUST WORKS EVERYWHERE ANY TIME, ALL THE TIME.


Pervasive broadband - Welcome to the era of 20 Gbit/s universal access. Free Wi-Fi, as usual.


International Calls - All voice data will be treated the same. Every call is a 'local' call as we'll be seamlessly 'roaming' everywhere and anywhere.


Digital display technology - All digital displays will be foldable, stretchable, no bezels and 100% recyclable. No more landfills of smartphones. These displays will all be wirelessly charged by your clothes and skin.

The smartphone as we know it today, would just be one of the many tools built into a 'Swiss Army knife' type of digital display, which could be attached to your clothing. You'll soon have a wardrobe of 'digital' clothing made up of electronic fabric and electronic ink. You can change the color of your shirt in seconds.


DNA data storage - Running out of data storage space will be a thing of the past. DNA molecules will be used for storage. In fact, right now, all of the world's digital information can be stored safely for a millennium or longer on roughly nine litres of solution. Go search the 2015 New York Times article on data storage on DNA.


SIM cards - Naah.. Your eyes 'have' it. It can also be 'under your thumb'! You can now store all those holiday videos on your eyes or right under your skin. Remember the Free Wi-Fi? Back-up your data to the cloud anywhere you are in the 'blink of an eye'.


SSL/RSA/TLS - Obsolete. Quantum Cryptology will be the new standard. This is heavy stuff so just read about it on the web it in your free time, but suffice to say, all your data will be secure.


Internet of Things - Of course. All electronic gadgets and appliances will have AI-powered neural link sensors (to your brain) with full voice recognition. House chores will be a thing of the past as full automation becomes the standard. Your electric car will safely 'drive' you to your destination. People will have more time to meet each other and have more meaningful social interactions.