The saga continues.

Level 2

I've applied for internet service on 23 June with the specific instructions that it will only be activated on 22 July.  Since it will only take 2 days to activate, the advance payment can be made on 20 July.  This is so, because the house we are moving into is still occupied by the current owners. However, after a day of this application, I received a call from the Sales? team asking for immediate payment otherwise my application will not proceed.  Thinking that this is the correct procedure, I made the payment. But right after I made the payment, I was told that the activation will happen in 2-days time.  I said that this was not suitable because the property is not ours yet.  The person who accepted the payment directed me to another agent who in turn told me to send an email to the Cancellations dept which I promptly did.  I thought after that, nothing will happen.  How wrong was I because the wheels of motion continued to turn, the installation and activation went ahead anyway.  I sent emails after emails, I chatted continuously and made calls several times over the period of 2 weeks, was promised a call back several times, to no avail. It was only this week that I finally got an answer that the cancellation was approved and a full refund of my payment is now being processed.  This was confirmed in a chat with another agent.  While chatting with her, I mentioned that I still need internet service, and she connected me to another sales agent.  I said great, maybe they will do it right this time.

That agent confirmed that my first account has been cancelled, that I will need to open another account to get the service.  So we did.  He said that the refund due to me will be transferred to my new account as first payment.  I said GREAT!  So, we finished with an agreement that the service will be installed on 15 July, the modem will arrive on 16 or 17 of July and the service will be activated then.

Yesterday, an agent left a message on my phone saying that I should make the first payment to keep my account active.  Today, I got a call from another agent saying the same thing.  WHAT??? Another stuff up!!! I'm really confused.  Is there anything that TPG can do right?  Considering that TPG is in the communications business, it is apparent that there's no communication within their system. I you were I, will you still do business with TPG???


Hi @rossrosales,


We will clarify this with our Account Specialists Team and have them contact you to avoid confusion. Expect them to reach you within the next 24hrs. We apologise for any inconvenience.