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Three Week Connection Fault

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Since the Melbourne storm three weeks ago that led to power outages, I have had non-existent or, at best, very interrupted internet service.
I am a Clinical Psychologist in my own business and depend on reliable internet service to conduct my business. In particular, I need an uninterrupted, fast and reliable service for Telehealth sessions with my clients who have severe mental illness and other psychological problems. However, I also need it for my financial systems, online file management, email, cloud-based software services, etc
Since the connection fault commenced three weeks ago, I have taken the following steps:

Lodged fault reports via the TPG Mobile App on six occasions after every attempt to fix the problem.
Lodged fault reports with the TPG Technical Support Team via email on three occasions.  
What followed included inspections by NBN technicians on two occasions. The first visit resulted in the NBN technician saying he fixed the problem after looking at the connection in the pit. However, on booting up the modem, he could not get the service operating and said TPG needed to configure the service as autoconfiguring was not working.
Lengthy waiting and phone calls to TPG resulted in one of your technicians manually configuring the service. It worked for a short period, but then it cut out again, almost all of the time.
The second visit resulted in the NBN technician claiming that the service was “super clean” and there was no problem with the signal. He used fancy-looking equipment and travelled, presumably to the node, before coming to this conclusion. He said he was sure the modem was the problem.
More waiting in line and discussion with the TPG technical team led to their decision to send a new modem.
It arrived today. Upon hooking it up, it failed to auto-configure. I then waited once again on the line for over an hour before speaking with a TPG technician who manually configured it. The internet was then working. However, since this, I have had frequent dropouts lasting between 1 and 10 minutes.
I will remain unable to conduct Telehealth sessions and many other operations in my business until you fix this fault. Unfortunately, this problem has now been going on for three weeks!
My priority in bringing this to your attention is to have this problem fixed as soon as possible.
However, I would also like my service fee refunded for this billing month.
Also, please provide me with information and necessary forms for lodging a claim for lost income that has resulted from this service fault.
Kind regards,


Gary Radler  
Clinical Psychologist

Hi @GazRad


Thanks for raising this to our attention.


We were able to locate your account using your community details and will forward your message to your assigned Engineer.


Any billing adjustment will be assessed and requested by them once the fault is resolved.


Thank you for your patience.