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Thunderbird works when the Connection Security is None

Level 2

I read that if the Conn Sec was changed to None his.her email again worked, so I tried it on both In and Out going servers and all worked again.


If Con Sec is NONE on Incoming and Outgoing servers all works. Both Read and Write!

if Conn Sec is STARTTLS or SSL/TLS on out going Server I cannot write email


What is going on?


This is T'Bird Ver   78.8.1


When I changed back to Con Sec=None it asked me for the password on both In and Out servers. It is as though it lost it's password or just got screwed up.


Any help or direction would be appreciated.


Hi @butss 


We apologise for the inconvenience. 


You may try this option:


In Thunderbird, select Tools, then select Options


At the top of the page, in the Find in Options search box, enter “Config Editor” and the hidden link to the Config Editor should show. Click on the link.
Note the warning “This might void your warranty!” and click on “I accept the risk!”


Search for “security.tls.version.min”, double click and set value to 1
(Default setting is 3 if you ever need to back track)

Search for “security.tls.version.enable-deprecated” double click and the setting should change from “false” (default) to “true”.

With TPG, I’m using Port 110 to connect with the POP mail server and Port 587 to connect with the SMTP server. For both servers, the Connection Security is set to STARTTLS.


We are in the process of upgrading the security of our mail servers. Further updates will be posted in the community and our Social Media pages once available.



Level 2

Hi @BasilDV 

Have the mail server security ugrades been made now? I have managed to get Thunderbird working by following the instructions to downgrade TLS as in your post but would like to use the latest TLS version if possible.





Hi @DarrynR


There's no update as of the moment, but will post about it once applied.