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Tpg account settings suddenly not working on Samsung tablet.

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Hi all

Not techy so bear with me.  Home comp emails ok, mobile emails ok, suddenly Samsung tablet not sending emails.  Had IT friend visit, he tried to add to his own tablet and couldn't,  he's tried the identical settings in my phone and was bemused.  He tried as per tpg website settings incoming/outgoing etc and still wont work, tried using a different mail service, wouldnt work, disabled AVG incase it was interferring somehow, still wont work. Getting incoming just not doing outgoing any suggests please before I phone tech support. 



Hi @jennstev 


  • Are you receiving any error after re-setting it up?
  • Are you using the same email address across your devices? 
  • Have you tried checking if there's ny recent update on the email app? 


You may check and follow this article to check if some of the settings are correct: 

Setting up email on your iPhone and Android phones 


Otherwise, you may send an email directly to if the issue persists and all necessary troubleshooting steps have been performed.