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Tpg won't provide me with customer service.

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Back in September, I called tpg because the internet was lagging out and blocking all devices on the home network from accessing internet while the router itself still had a solid connection to tpg.
I got through to an "engineer" the first time but I missed one call and they closed the case.
I was told that the engineering team made some "fixes" to the programming for the node or something and to see how it goes and call back if the problem persists.
Well the problem got worse. Now the modum was outright blocking internet access to all devices simultaneously, while again still having a solid internet light. Not even a ping could get through.
Restarting the router gave access again for a while but it would soon happen again over and over.
Two tech support reps later, two sets of the same troubleshooting steps, and they conclude that the problem was due to my old Huawei tpg router being faulty.
They told me I will need to buy a new router to fix the problem.
I then asked them if they can sell me a tpg router that can give me the ability to monitor and control bandwidth, they said no and then suggested I could buy a third party router as long as it is nbn compatible.
I went out and fou d a router which was nbn compatible, but I thought I might double check with tpg if there are going to be any issues with getting support if I buy this brand and model of third party router.
The customer rep I spoke to assured me that tpg will not refuse to provide tech support if I have this brand and model of third party modem, and that they would even "try their best" to help with configurations on the router if I ever need, and that the only downside is that tpg can't guarantee the router will work if it's not their hardware.
I had no problem with that, as long as they aren't gonna get all uppedy about me having a third party router and outright deny tech support even if it has nothing to do with the router....
Well today I called tpg again, because after replacing the router with a brand new one, and replacing all cables with new ones too, the issue is still persisting.
This completely rules out their conclusion that "it's my router" because I'm getting exactly the same thing on two differently branded models, and different sets of wiring... The problem has to be with tpgs programming, or with the physical lines here.
Whatever the issue is, it is guaranteed now to be not related to my equipment, so the next step has to be to get a tech out to look at the lines physically.
But then they told me because I don't have a tpg router anymore and that it's a third party router, they "can't" escelate the case, and if they can't escelate the case, then they can't arrange for a technician to come out...
What the actual hell?
I called you guys and double, then triple checked there would be absolutely nothing like this being pulled on me if I bought this router. Told them the model, everything, they were 100% certain I'd have no problems other than a lack of the router being guaranteed to work on the nbn, and that they'd still try to help me with any tech issues as best they could if I have issues with it.
So now I'm thinking I might just leave tpg for another service provider because tpg screwed the hell out of me.
We know now for sure it's not my router, they advised me to go buy a router, wasted my Money and time, they told me the brand and model of modem router I intended to buy would have no issues at all, not even tech support, except no product performance guarantee... But then they turn around and tell me flat out that they won't touch the issue anymore because I did exactly what they said to do...
Is anyone able to get through to the engineering team and get them to call me to arrange a technician to come out? You really royally screwed me on this tpg and you owe me a favour. I wasted money on your poor advice and now I'm being denied support because of your advice.
I don't want to repeat the same tests over and over. I've had enough, u couldn't figure out the problem and wasted my time and money.
If I can't get someone on the phone from engineering to get a technician over here to find the problem once and for all, by tomorrow afternoon, I'm done.
Id rather switch to a new service and have 1 hour downtime than to deal with this crap where tpg set me up to lose tech support and waste my money and time like this for tacky solutions like "do a hard reset" or "your router is faulty, go buy a new one to resolve this issue".
Enough is enough, get the problem fixed or I'm out.

We're sorry to know that you're having issues with the service and we apologise for the inconvenience this is causing you, @tommo020788.


We'll review your previous interaction with our staff as part of our ongoing effort to provide the best possible customer service and we'll be dealing with the matter internally.


We value you as our customer and we'd like to check what can be done to turn this experience around.


We have located the account using your community details.


We have checked the status of your connection and it appears that the modem is not getting the line sync speed specified by NBN Co. At this point, we are not certain if this is due to a line fault or if it's the modem.


You also reported that the connection is dropping out/lagging on wired and wireless devices and we'll be looking into this to identify if this is related to what we have mentioned above.


We have raised your concern to our Technical Escalations Team and you will be contacted by a case officer within the day to discuss the progression of the case.


The case officer may ask you to reconnect the TPG modem for us to run another remote test and compare the test results.


If there's a need for us to lodge the issue to NBN Co. or send an NBN or TPG technician, you will be advised by the case officer.


Should you have a preferred contact number and time, please send it via PM.


To send a PM, please refer to this link:How do I private message (PM) in the community


Hi @tommo020788 ,


Thanks for sending us a message. The assigned Engineers tried to contact you earlier around 12:30-1PM AEDST using the contact number that we have on file unfortunately no avail. We will pass your message to our Engineering Team for additional reference. Please confirm your best contact number.



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Hi, are you able to pm me with what number they called exactly?
There were two contact numbers listed on there, including my correct number.
I checked my account details and have no idea how that additional phone number even got on there because I don't recognise it at all.
I have removed the additional number now.
You know, they could have tried calling the other mobile number listed on there when the other failed...
Is it possible at all for you to pm me a direct phone number to somewhere in the engineering team rather than wait for them to call me, seeing as there's a case open already

Our Engineering Team tried to call the mobile numbers we have on file, but to no avail. Nonetheless, we have advised the assigned case officer to contact you as soon as possible to discuss the progression of the case, @tommo020788.


There's no direct number for our Technical Escalations Team, but you can contact our Technical Team on 1300 997 271 and just request them to transfer you.

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Thanks to whoever got this done.
I got a call back from engineering team who confirmed they called the wrong number previously, and they also have checked the line and determined the NBN fault without the need to further test the tpg router.
The case is now with the NBN, and they said I should get a response within 24 hours with a solution.

That being said, the moment another issue comes up, and tpg flat out refuses to deal with me for not having a tpg router, I'm just gonna switch.
Either that or maybe tpg could send me a free standard router I can use in case tpg ever needs to run tests on the line etc, so we don't have that problem again in the future.

Hi @tommo020788,


We'll keep an eye on this case this case further updates will be provided when it's available by one of our Engineers handling this case.


Let us know should you require further assistance.



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For context, please read my previous post here:

I was very pleased to find that someone here was able to get me what I wanted very quickly with no messing around.
Unfortunately, there is one problem that came out of that, which is going to cause problems for me in the future.
I don't have a tpg modem anymore, and if tpg needs to run tests on my modem in the future for troubleshooting, they are going to tell me they can't help me without a tpg branded router...
A tpg tech support rep gave me the poor advice to get rid of my tpg router because they thought it must be faulty, and when I asked if I could buy a router from tpg which has the administrative functions I need, they told me that they don't have any routers with the functionality I needed and that I should buy a third party router.
When I found the router I wanted at the shops, I called tpg before purchasing it and asked if tpg would have any issues with me having a third party router and was told that there would be absolutely no problems and that the only thing would be that tpg can't guarantee the quality of the product as it isn't bought from them. Fair enough.
I double checked before hanging up "so you are sure tpg tech support wouldn't refuse to help me just because I have a non tpg router?" to which I was reassured "absolutely sir, we will always do our best to help you with your technical issues. Even if it isn't one of our routers, we will still do our best to help you configure your router".
You can see on the previous post I made how that worked out...

So now I've got the other half of my problem solved (got a nbn tech appointment scheduled), but I still have the issue of not having a tpg router and tpg saying they cannot run tests on a non tpg router, and the phone line tech support outright refusing to help me cos I had a non tpg router.
The tech support guy wanted to help me, but his boss was being an ** and pressuring him to stonewall me unless I get a tpg router.
So seeing as tpg told me to get rid of my router for being faulty when it turned out the problem wasn't even my router to begin with, and then told me I'd have no issues like this with a non tpg router, I think tpg owes it to me to send out a tpg router for free.
I would have purchased a tpg router if I had known this would be an issue, and I made every attempt to check if there would be any issues with this third party router.
This mess is on tpg, and I don't want to be stonewalled again by tech support in the future because if that happens again I'm not even going to think twice before I call another ISP and switch over.
Please pm me if you are able to help make this haopen.
Kind regards

Hi @tommo020788 ,


Regrettably, I wish I was the bearer of better news. We've seen that you have been in contact with one of our Engineers today. I don’t have any further updates differing from what has already been communicated to you. Your experience is important to us and we will be keeping a close eye on your case and pass your demand to the assigned Engineer handling this case. Expect an update via Phone call or SMS.


Let us know should you require further assistance.





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@Shane it seems you didn't read my post.
I wasn't asking for an update on my previous issue.
I am asking tpg to send me a tpg branded router for free because the poor advice given by tpg lead me to buy a non tpg router by telling me my then current tpg router was faulty (turned out it wasn't the router), and then told me that I can buy a third party router with the functions I need with absolutely no consequences as far as tech support goes (also turned out to be false).
Because of tpg's poor advice, tpg cannot test my router in the future.
I want to avoid this happening if I ever need tech support again.