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Troubleshooting NBN Connection

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Hi Guys, been a TPG NBN customer for a couple of year so far and until recently have had nothing but success. We are on HFC here incase its relevent info.


About a week ago our internet connection started dropping out for short periods of time daily. It would get worse in the evenings, sometimes to the point where it drops out 10+ times in an hour. I did some basic troubleshooting (checked all connection points between the NBN box and the modem/router) and couldn't find anything wrong. The included Huawei modem didn't seem to know anything was going wrong, the internet light was always on even during these episodes of no connection and there were no errors logged at all. The NBN box also always displays all four lights. Because of this I decided that perhaps the original modem was dying so I upgraded my modem but unfortunately it hasn't helped. The new modem I got however does a wonderful job of logging everything that goes on with the internet connection. Here's a link to my Gdrive with a log file of what happens from the time the connection drops out until I'm back online again: 


I'm just looking for any suggestions on what I can try before I contact customer service as I don't want to end up with the bill if it is a problem on my end somewhere. Cheers!


Hi @dmcke5


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I'll be happy to assist you to determine as to what is causing the connection problem. Send me a private message with the following:


TPG customer ID/username: 

Modem's make and model: 

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