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TPG your customer service is disgusting. I have been with out nbn service for 4 days. Unable to work and losing significant income. Have tried on multiple occasions to get a resolution on the chat line. Keep getting told to hold while I am transferred to a case manager. Have held for over 2 hours and nothing on over 4 occasions.


tried send response.


thought I was getting somewhere on your Facebook page messenger and was told someone would call me back. That was 2 days ago  and now they do not respond to messages and I have not had any call back.


you need to sort this out. People are being severely affected. The very least you could do is respond to people's messages. Peoples livelihoods are at stake. 
I await your response.

Level 3
We have been without Internet for a week. Apparently it’s a NBN issue. TPG say they are sending out a technician to us tomorrow. So 7 days with no internet and my wife is working from home...