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USB Drive Sharing with Huawei HG659 - Solved

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@Roy_L wrote:

Just tried this on my HG659 but could not find ACL in Internet - Network Security. Only 3 topics there, Firewall, DMZ and Application Filter (which sets up blocking for selected apps on selected devices). Maybe because my modem was supplied by iPrimus, not TPG?

Had a couple of breakthroughs and now working on my PC.

Note- I am using Windows 10 Pro. Tried it with my laptop using Win 10 Home - doesn't work.

First, must login with full admin privileges. This requires username which is last 4 digits of serial number plus last 4 digits of Mac and password which is the @ symbol followed by last 6 digits of S/N plus last 6 digits of Mac. Now can access ACL and add samba.

Next, must activate smb on Windows 10 PC. Press Windows key and R on keyboard. Type in optionalfeatures.exe and press enter. Expand smb 1.0 CIFS and tick all boxes. Restart when requested.

Continue with webbpj's excellent directions and should work. 

A bit more info. Upgraded my laptop from Win 10 Home to Pro. Did not help.

Backed up all my laptop data and did a clean install of Win 10 including deleting all partition on HDD. This removed all of the Dell software etc. Followed the procedure above and it now works.

Thanks bud, I needed to turn on SMB also. Nothing was working. Was driving me crazy.