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Unable to access Freeview+ HbbTV service from Samsung SmartTV

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I'm no longer able to access the Freeview+ feature on my Samsung SmartTV.  The TV has an internet connection and runs Netflix/Iview/SBS-OD with no problems, but Freeview does not even start.

It was working fine a few months back, but not being a regular user I don't know when it broke.


I've tried changing DNS settings on the TV and searched internet for solutions but nothing is apparent. 

I wonder if TPG is blocking HbbTV services.  A clue I got this morning is that when I hit the green button, a dialog came up saying I needed an internet connection (which it already has) so perhaps there is a connectivity issue with the Freeview server.


Hi @jpgibard,


Thanks for reaching out. Please be advised that TPG do not block any website. However, blocking of Torrent and some streaming websites are mandated by the Federal Court of Australia and all internet service providers are ordered to comply.

For your reference, please see this link:

If your Smart TV works fine with other online application it maybe best to contact the HbbTV's support to identify the issue.


Let us know should you require further assistance.