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Unable to make IMAP or POP connection to

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I'm new to NBN but have been with TPG for years.  I'm trying to make IMAP (ports 143 or 993) or POP (ports 110 or 995) connections to a web hosting company ( however connections always fail.  Yet when I do exactly the same from my workplace, I can connect right away.


Is there any restriction at all that TPG place on the usage of IMAP, POP or SMTP protocol connections to third-party hosting companies?  (I'm an experienced systems administrator, so I am struggling to come up with any alternative explanation for this).

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TPG don't block IMAP or POP3 ports, however they do, quite sensibly, block the SMTP port(s).


Snarf!  Just tried to open their webpage, "this domain is for sale".


Of course you can't connect to it!


Hi @steve3140


I'd like to confirm if the URL's page you posted is correct. I tried to access the link and it shows me this.




Please be advised that TPG do not block any IMAP/POP Ports or SMTP Protocol connection.


Note: There is a possibility that this site is only restricted to your workplace's network connection. But it is better to contact your local administrator to confirm this.


Let me know should you require further assistance.





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Yeah, sorry guys, it was my mistake.  Somewhere in transcription of settings, I lost a character from the server name.  Happened when I was tweaking the autodiscover record in my DNS.  All fixed now and connecting happily.  Rookie mistake; much embarassment here!


No worries, @steve3140. Feel free to create a thread here in our community for any inquiries in the future.