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Unable to open port on Archer VR1600v for SQL use

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I'm trying to open ports 1433 and 1434 UDP/TCP in order to access a remote SQL server. Currently, I have full access to the server through the local LAN (Symantec Endpoint has been configured to allow traffic through ports 1433 and 1434).


But now I need to access the SQL server from outside. I have created a Virtual Server routing port 1433 to the internal IP address of the server. But when I try to check if the port is open using some internet service ( for example), they show the port is still closed.


I'm on NBN with a dynamic IP address.


Am I missing anything?




Does your sql server have a fixed ip address on the local lan?  Is it really dot 7?

Does the computer out in the internet target your external dynamic ip address?

Once it works, you will need to consider Dynamic DNS.

Your setup look right. Did you read the router manual?

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Be careful when opening your SQL server and services to the internet, make sure your system is patched and you apply as much access control as possible. Ideally, setup a VPN to your network to access the DB. Otherwise, ACL's, port-remapping, patching, etc. to provide some level of protection.


In terms of troubleshooting, make sure the SQL services are running and listening (netstat), and then for testing you can try to telnet into those ports externally. You have a dynamic IP address, so just be mindful of that when connecting in. Check that Windows f/w isn't blocking the traffic too in addition to SEP.