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Unable to upgrade ADSL2+ plan please help!

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I am trying to upgrade my ADSL2+ plan to unlimited data as I am now working from home. I am unable to do this through my account online as when I try it only offers me NBN plans which are not available until the 17th of April. I do not want the NBN at this time.


Every time I start a ‘chat’ it takes an hour then I get a message saying ‘support member has closed the chat’. This has happened multiple times over the last three days.


Someone called me from TPG today then they said they would transfer me to Customer Service - then the phone call was ended and I was cut off. I tried calling the number back many times and was told there were no staff to help and the call disconnected.


I have emailed the update team twice. What can I do to get the upgrade processes. I appreciate these are difficult times and I don’t mind waiting - but waiting isn’t getting me anywhere!


Thank you



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You may not (?) be able to upgrade your adsl since nbn is close.

Everyone has to go to nbn eventually.

What is the data limit of your current plan (peak/offpeak)?

Do you know what your daily data requirements are for work? You can find out from the daily account records.


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I did wonder if it would even be possible, however I have been unable to speak to anyone in the upgrade team to find out. I have spoken to three sales staff and three customer service team members today and all tried to transfer me to the upgrade team and every time I get the we’re busy message and the call is disconnected. The last one this evening the staff member assured me it would go through and this time I got the message ‘the extension you chose is incorrect’ before it disconnected. I have pleaded for any other means of contacting the upgrade team to no avail.


We are on the lowest ADSL2+ plan - 10GB peak/10 GB off peak. As far as what we require for work it’s hard to say, my husband is working remotely using our internet to access his work and it’s software. He is also having multiple Teams meetings each day, some with video. We have used all of our data allocation for this month. I haven’t checked to see exactly what we need, I figured for a few months it made sense to go for unlimited.


I have several friends who have had a lot of issues with their NBN connections (various providers) and would like to hold off going down that route for as long as possible. 


We we might have to start using mobile data.

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Is your husband able to make use of off-peak data (02:30 to 08:30)?

What are the data limits on your mobile phone plans? Data speed on phone should be lots better than ADSL.

Is probably easier to upgrade your phone plan.

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Unfortunately not. His phone and contract is a business phone. He’s not sure what the data limit is. I think given the difficulty in getting through to TPG you might be right, it might be easier to go that route. Cheers.

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Same issue...  I have tried 3 times to upgrade the data limit.


The last chat tool just over an hour before i got an answer that i'd need to be transfered. 

1hr later i closed the webpage and chat window in frustration.


I am also not able to upgrade on the webpage as NBN is coming.

I'm on a naked 50Gb plan but need unlimited,


This experience has left me thinking about leaving TPG when NBN arrives in a couple of months, after many years being a loyal customer





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It is very frustrating!

I finally had a reply from the upgrade team, very apologetic about the delays advising they are responding to all of the emails in order. Email what changes you want to:

They replied saying to confirm the plan upgrade I had asked for, and a few days later I had emails advising my plan had been upgraded.

If you do the call back option online, (where you fill in a form for sales and they call you back) they always do call (eventually) but can’t help you. Not one phone transfer to the upgrade team worked for me, I spoke to about 10 people. Each time either the phone disconnected or went through to a message saying they’re too busy sorry then it disconnected. So I wouldn’t bother persevering with that route - or the chat function. It’s rubbish!

If you email the upgrade team you should get there eventually.

My understanding is that many companies are having these troubles, it’s not just TPG. I have also been a customer for years, and have never had issues before. In fact their customer service was great. I’ll be feeding it back when this all is behind us!

Good luck!