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Unstable and Unusable NBN Connection_both internet and phone

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Hope that I could get some help here. Basically, after the heavy rain in Sydney yesterday (Tue 24/8), since this morning (Wed 25/8) the NBN connection has been really unstable, with internet keep dropping off & we can hardly hear people voice on the phone. Looking at the NBN outage map few times, no outage is found in the address. I have restarted the modem couple of times, but it didn't fix the problem. Have contacted TPG support earlier today and have been advised that the engineering department would look at it, but so far no one has come back yet. 


My worry is if the router (I got the modem router from tpg) has somewhat become faulty, but I am not sure how I can verify this. One thing that is really noticeable is that the issue has become more and more severe. Earlier today, I can still manage to have a 15-30 minutes run of high internet speed (45-50mbps download speed) before the connection suddenly dropped off. However, since 6pm today, I notice that the internet speed, if there is any connection at all, would only be below 1mbps download speed.


Looking forward to anyone's suggestion. Thanks


Hi @Dan123 ,


There are different types of dropouts that you may experience:


1. Network dropouts, this dropout is caused by a line fault on TPG or NBN's network. Affecting all device(s) LAN/Wireless connected to the modem/router this may require a real-time test and investigation by our Technicians and Engineers.


2. Wireless dropouts, this issue only affects the device(s) connected via Wi-Fi which can easily be fix by doing adjustment to the modem/router's settings.


3. Dropouts caused by ongoing outage in your area. 


In the event that you experience dropouts via Wireless/Wi-Fi connection, we recommend having a read on the following articles:


• Troubleshooting a Slow Internet Connection

• Easy Steps to Improve Wi-Fi Connection In Your Home

• Wireless Channel on your modem - what is it and why should I change it


If you need further assistance, please send us a private message with your TPG customer ID, username and complete address so we can pull up the account.


To send a PM, please refer to this link: How do I private message (PM) in the community

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Thanks for getting in touch. I have just sent you a PM. 


It is definitely not a wireless dropouts. All devices are connected by LAN.




We can see that your concern has been escalated to our Engineering Team. We have already made a follow up and kindly await further updates within the day.