Upload So Slow

Level 2

I have the superfast plan and am getting good download speeds (80-200mbps) but frequently get <1mps upload (ranging from 1 to 23mbps). But mostly between 1-5mbps. This renders my internet basically unusable. I have phoned the TPG help line countless times. They have sent out an NBN technician who replaced some cabling (this reduced drop outs) but the upload speed issue continues to be an issue. I've tried 3 different router / modems and I've also isolated the network to one single device to ensure there's no interference. A TPG technician came out and at the time I was getting 20mbps so he incorrectly diagnosed it as a fixed matter... This is so frustrating and I cant think of what else it could be other than TPG throttling my internet. How can I be getting 200mbps down and 1-5mpbs up consistently? Has anyone else had this issue? Is it worth switching provider?

Level 15

Hi @jimkid84 . Need to get some network response times. Do the set of commands when you have good upload speed and when you have bad upload speed.

Do you have ethernet computer or wifi computer?

If wifi, use 5G band and be close to router.


ping -n 20              (router ip address)

tracert -d www.tpg.com.au       (do 3 times)

ping -n 20 www.tpg.com.au

ping -n 20 -l 65000 www.tpg.com.au

Last command puts a load on network.